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Tomorrow Im gonna go to the fairwell party for my best friend. :O She will go to Equador for 3 months!!
Which is really awesome! She is gonna learn Spanish there and stay with a guest family. Then she is gonna tour around the country and after that she will do volunteer work in a daycare for kids.
Its pretty exiting. Im even exited for her lol!

But its weird tho..She is like for 3 months so far away. :O Ow well 3 months can go pretty fast!

ak;skjlsdfk Im getting a cold! I just feel it. D: My mom and little sister had it and now Im gonna get it. D: Sucks!


I stole this from Mina (bitofajungle). :3

For the first five people that reply to this post, and who re-posts this challenge: you WIN! XDDD

Okay ehm Im not sure what you win...I will go think about it hehehe XD


Anyway now Im here, posting..Today was so COLD! D:

My mom asked if I wanted to come with her and my little sister to a playground. They were holding some event where a circus came to let kids do acrobatic things and stuff. So we thought they would demonstrate things and then let the kids try it but NO they just put boxes with things in it andlet the kids play with it. It was CHAOS and COLD! D:

I dont like cold D: I want the summer back =(

Im bored

Which Super Junior member will you marry? by Rena_Jaejoong
Full Name
Member you will marryKangin
When....September 15, 2019
How much he love you

Which Super Junior member will be impressed by you? by superjunior_luver
Fave. Color
What will you say?
He would fall in love with you
Who would hate you
Who would hug you
Who would kiss you
Who would be mean to you
Who would be very impressed by you

What will Super Junior member say to you? by Rena_Jaejoong
Full Name
Birthday [MM/DD/YYYY]
Leeteuk says....Don't bother me
Heechul says....My heart belongs to you
Hangyung says....Hi!!
Yesung says....My stupid heart love only you
Shindong says....I don't like you!!
Kangin says....I love you more than everything in this world
Sungmin says....We are....Super Junior!!!!!
Eunhyuk says....Do you believe in destiny?
Donghae says....You are my best friend
Siwon says..................[Silent]
Kibum says....Can you lend me some money?
Ryeowook says....I miss you so much ma dear ~!
Kyuhyun says....Cuz I can't stop thinking bout' girl [He sang U]

More quizzes

Sorry I have nothing to do...Im writing a fanfic and ill promise to post it tomorrow..I hope you guys will like it since its my first fi. Okay anyway its almost done lol

Who is your Super Junior best friend? by Rena_Jaejoong
Fav. Color
Your best friend is....Kangin
The percentage about your relationship with him (1
How about you and he can become the loverNo!!!!

Which Super Junior would marry you? by superjunior_luver
Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)
Who do you like?
He loves youSung Min
He hates youHee Chul

Which Super Junior would marry you? by superjunior_luver
Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY)
Who do you like?
He loves youSung Min
He hates youHee Chul

Another Quiz

My “Vacation” with DBSK [Fic] by msxmasuda
Favorite Song
Ultimate Vacation Spot
We went on the bus as I held hands w/ best friend
They all fought to sit with me so I sat next to
There was room so I sat there gettin squished by
Ocean! So we ran to the water as I was carried by
Gettin a tan I shut my eyes feeling soft pecks fr
I played it off like it was nothing & went to hug
OMG suddenly I got pinched in the wrong place by
Mad I sat right down but got lovingly comforted by
Chances that I'd go on another vacation with them


Funny Quiz

Famous Korean Party by Luvlymustang
Favorite color
You were invited to the birthday party of
You arrive and are greeted by
Everyone is in their party gear and you match
You are, then, offered a drink by
When your about to drink it, you're bumped into by
Finally, you are asked to dance by
But you want to ask someone else to dance. You ask
Someone grabs your butt. You turn and see
Then that person blames it on
You forgot the birthday person so you sing to
"Time to play Spin the Bottle," says
You spin and it points towards
You go in for a kiss, but it is stolen by
Finally, a confession of love comes from
Ignoring the confession you confess to
The love is returned despite anger coming from
The party is at an end. You are walked home by
Have a Good Night! This happenedJuly 26, 2013


Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

So Im kinda new to this!  So I came alot here to read fanfics about Super Junior or DBSG members.
I like reading them. Not that I think they are really gay but its still funny to read some of the fanfics.
So ok I thought to myslef maybeI just should make an account and try to writ some fanfics myself *coughs*

So if you have any requests or something you can ask me to write a fanfic about it!

I'll post my first fic as soon as possible!

Love xxx

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