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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O____________________________O

IM GOING TO SEE DIR EN GREY LIVE..IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!! :o ^______________^;;

I just bought the tickets..so England here I come on the 30th of January!!!!!!! >3<

Its part of Kerrang! tour or something..anyway Dir en Grey will be there and so am I with a friend..who is lucky to actually live in London! hehehe ow well..the flight isnt that long from here to there....

*DANCES* <333

Anyway something weird happend to on my way home from work. So I went with the metro like always...I have to go to Cappel a/d IJssel and you have like 2 others who are either going to Ommoord or Nesselande. Nesselande and Ommoord go a different direction then Capelle..So anyway we were at this turning point where they go this direction and suddenly we passed a stop that was the one after the turning point where Nesselande/Ommoord or Capelle goes a different direction...OKAY this happend to me before..but at that point he actually stopped at this stop and I had to go like back and take the right one..D: really annoying (was their fault too since they forgot to put Nesselande or Ommoord on teh front..instead it said Capelle so i thought i was in the right one D: Stupid ass metro people!
So anyway back to the story from today hehehe
Anyway he drives by this stop and suddenly stops on the middle of the rail...O__o We were all: WTH is going on?! So suddenly the driver of the metro comes in and drives back to the stop where we actually had to take the turning point....He didnt say anything D: So a woman who was sitting with us, walked up to him and said: Could you please say whats going on? And he was all: I DONT KNOW...THEY MADE ME GO HERE!! And blablabla He was all angry at the woman O__o..While he was the one who made the wrong turn GEEZ!
But I made it home hehehe..It was raining so bad tho D: I was all wet when I came home!
But the tickets for Dir en Grey made it all up for that! <3


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 4th, 2008 08:47 pm (UTC)
=O ALEX!! <3333 I havent talked to you for so long!! ;__; How are you?? ^^

So awesome you guys went to see them!! I cant wait to finally go and see them! &hearts

I love your Reita icon! :3
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 8th, 2008 12:32 am (UTC)
*snuggle* &hearts
Im good too! Im really glad to hear youre doing good too! <3

Ahhh so cool! You guys got their autographs? :O

XD I love that icon too! hehe :3
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