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May. 27th, 2008

Okay so I havent posted for a long time now...So its about time I did.

First of all:


And OMG I wanna go to Miyavi's concert~~ He is coming to Holland but its all sold out already DDDDD: *pouts*

And yesterday I first saw FT Island's Wonderful Outing with Super Nova (Cho Shin Sung) and OMG its sooooo funny~~ No subs tho which kinda sucks because if I know what they were saying it would be even more funnier! But yeah I still laughed A LOT!!!

Super Nova guys are really cute and dorky too and I found out that they all were in FT Island MV's =OOO

So there were like 12 vids! =O And in the first they needed to dance! And hahahah OMG seriously FT Island cant dance but its just extremely cute ^__^ Super Nova on the other hand..Wow great dancers..Except for Song Jihyuk hahaha his dance was really funny~~
Hongki was so embarrassed when he needed to dance hahah He kept hiding his face in his hands hahaha So silly and cute~~
And Jaejin's dance made me *ROFL* hahaha After his dance he ran back and hided behind Wonbin/desk what was standing in the room hahaha
Minhwan is soooo cute *pinches cheek*  I love his dance! And haha Wonbin was like OMG what to do? He was also so embarrassed.
They are all so cute!
And OMG Jung Yoonhak Super Nova's leader soooo looks like Lee Jun Ki O____________O

On to part 2..They needed to do a game with a shoe. They had to put the shoe between their legs and swing it away..And probably who got the shoe the fartest won!
Sungye looked the most promising but HE FELL ON HIS BUTT hahahaha It was hilarious..AAwww poor Sungye..he was embarassed and like O___O How could that happen???
And Jonghun's was really funny too! hahaa It looked like he was going to do good too but in the end the shoe just went *PLOP* on the ground  and was like the closest to the balck stripe they had to stand behind hahahha
And Jihyuk made a weird jump hahaha..*O*

Then they were doing a singing game...They heard a song real fast and they had to sing a line in turn. First they even got the first line wrong everytime so they got something on their head!  (im seriously thinking about the word for what they got on their heads but i cant come up with it O__o)
It went on for a few parts//I was like WHENwill they finally got it right...Finally FT Island got it right! yays they won! ^_____^ But Super Nova almost won hahah But Song Jihyuk screwed up at the end hahha they were like ajsakas!! D:  Poor guys, they were so close!

I love the Chibi chibi something game with the hammers hahah First it was Hongki vs Sungye XDD And Minhwan also arm wresthles with Yoonhak =O He is soo strong! Eventually yoonhak won but he had a hard time beating Minhwan! ^^; They were surprised.

On another note..I made Super Nova for the RPG! *FACEPALM*  6 new chars in 1 day..Actually I made them yesterday heheh BUT my internet failed on me so I couldnt make this hyperly overly exited fangirl post...
Im so hyper and bouncy these past few days! I blame Miyavi!! XDDDD

Okay time to stop now..

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