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September 24th, 2011

Bored so meme time!

What Do the Naruto Characters Think of You? (This Also Includes Your "Life" As a Naruto Character) by Guinevere
Star sign:
Your Name:Toko Yox
Naruto:She's so pretty, I really wish I knew her better, but, then again, I don't like that look Sasuke gives me when I go to ask her for something...
Sasuke:Hn, who?
Sakura:I don't care if she likes Sasuke or not, I still want to be her friend, because she's just so amazing! *Sigh* I hope she'll give me a few pointers during training...
Kakashi:Think she may be interested in older men?
Hinata:She quiet like I am, but a truly amazing person at heart when you get to know her.
Shino:She hates insects, I have no interest in her.
Kiba and Akamaru:Is there a word for someone who feels strongly for another person of the opposite sex?
Kurenai:She's a good friend, I enjoy her company very much, and I think she'd be a good match for a certain someone...
Shikamaru:She's not like most girls, not annoying, I like her.
Ino:I wish she'd shut up, she's louder than me!
Chouji:She thinks the Akamichi clan has a powerful skill! She's definitely my favorite now!
AsumaShe's an awesome ninja, I'm not surprisaed I'm astounded so by her skills and accuracy. She's a quick-thinker and I enjoy having conversations with her.
Lee:She's nice, I enjoy talking to her, I like her smile a lot... (Could this be saying somehting?)
Neji:She such a bitch, I wish she'd shut up every now and then...
TenTen:She's an awesome training partner! I can't wait till our next meet!
Gai:Such beauty! Such grace! Such lovliness all around!
Gaara:She's respectful of me...maybe I won't kill her...
Temari:She's nice, but she makes Gaara act a little...different...
Kankuro:Can you say hot? Cause she's the definition...
Jaraiya:Ow...my head...she packs a punch. And I seem to be favored as her favorite punching bag...so cruel, so cruel...
Tsunade:I admire her courage and skilles, though, I'll admit I'm very jealous...
Shizune:She's all right, I have no complaints.
Orochimaru:(Wants to show you what other things his tongue can do...ew.)
Kabuto:(Asked Orochimaru if he'd share you but he said no way...-_-;')
Who Secretly Loves You The Most:
What You Look Like:

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