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Bored so meme time!

What Do the Naruto Characters Think of You? (This Also Includes Your "Life" As a Naruto Character) by Guinevere
Star sign:
Your Name:Toko Yox
Naruto:She's so pretty, I really wish I knew her better, but, then again, I don't like that look Sasuke gives me when I go to ask her for something...
Sasuke:Hn, who?
Sakura:I don't care if she likes Sasuke or not, I still want to be her friend, because she's just so amazing! *Sigh* I hope she'll give me a few pointers during training...
Kakashi:Think she may be interested in older men?
Hinata:She quiet like I am, but a truly amazing person at heart when you get to know her.
Shino:She hates insects, I have no interest in her.
Kiba and Akamaru:Is there a word for someone who feels strongly for another person of the opposite sex?
Kurenai:She's a good friend, I enjoy her company very much, and I think she'd be a good match for a certain someone...
Shikamaru:She's not like most girls, not annoying, I like her.
Ino:I wish she'd shut up, she's louder than me!
Chouji:She thinks the Akamichi clan has a powerful skill! She's definitely my favorite now!
AsumaShe's an awesome ninja, I'm not surprisaed I'm astounded so by her skills and accuracy. She's a quick-thinker and I enjoy having conversations with her.
Lee:She's nice, I enjoy talking to her, I like her smile a lot... (Could this be saying somehting?)
Neji:She such a bitch, I wish she'd shut up every now and then...
TenTen:She's an awesome training partner! I can't wait till our next meet!
Gai:Such beauty! Such grace! Such lovliness all around!
Gaara:She's respectful of me...maybe I won't kill her...
Temari:She's nice, but she makes Gaara act a little...different...
Kankuro:Can you say hot? Cause she's the definition...
Jaraiya:Ow...my head...she packs a punch. And I seem to be favored as her favorite punching bag...so cruel, so cruel...
Tsunade:I admire her courage and skilles, though, I'll admit I'm very jealous...
Shizune:She's all right, I have no complaints.
Orochimaru:(Wants to show you what other things his tongue can do...ew.)
Kabuto:(Asked Orochimaru if he'd share you but he said no way...-_-;')
Who Secretly Loves You The Most:
What You Look Like:

Nov. 27th, 2009

Gaaaah T_T Im so sorry to everyone I was talking to on AIM but my internet keeps disconnecting...and then it doesnt want to reconnect anymore..All because my stupid stepdad cant keep his hands of teh freaking network cable >___<

I will just talk to you guys tomorrow...its to frustrating to keep trying and tehn disconnect again...ugh.....;o;

Well this does give me a change to finally update my journal here LOL..havent done that in a while..O__O But i have like nothing to talk about...How boring lmao...I need more exitement in my life XD;
Because Im not getting much from my work..ugh...its so boring ;o;

Oh yeah and I really like this song! Jo Kwon (2AM) ft Whale (W&Whale) she has a nice voice! ^^
So today its Queens Day. Which should be a fun day for everyone. Most people are free from work and are going into the city to celebrate.

BUT today in Apeldoorn there was this guy who drove his car into the croud and almost hit the bus where the queen and her family were in when they were greeting the people.

2 people are dead and 23 are wounded of which 6/7 are critical ;O; Im so shocked. I dont even have words for it. Rotterdam cancelled all celebration things.

I just saw like the car drive into the croud you saw literally people fly around when they were hit! D: Gosh I hope the guy who did this get such a high sentence! D:


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O____________________________O

IM GOING TO SEE DIR EN GREY LIVE..IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!! :o ^______________^;;

I just bought the tickets..so England here I come on the 30th of January!!!!!!! >3<

Its part of Kerrang! tour or something..anyway Dir en Grey will be there and so am I with a friend..who is lucky to actually live in London! hehehe ow well..the flight isnt that long from here to there....

*DANCES* <333

Anyway something weird happend to on my way home from work. So I went with the metro like always...I have to go to Cappel a/d IJssel and you have like 2 others who are either going to Ommoord or Nesselande. Nesselande and Ommoord go a different direction then Capelle..So anyway we were at this turning point where they go this direction and suddenly we passed a stop that was the one after the turning point where Nesselande/Ommoord or Capelle goes a different direction...OKAY this happend to me before..but at that point he actually stopped at this stop and I had to go like back and take the right one..D: really annoying (was their fault too since they forgot to put Nesselande or Ommoord on teh front..instead it said Capelle so i thought i was in the right one D: Stupid ass metro people!
So anyway back to the story from today hehehe
Anyway he drives by this stop and suddenly stops on the middle of the rail...O__o We were all: WTH is going on?! So suddenly the driver of the metro comes in and drives back to the stop where we actually had to take the turning point....He didnt say anything D: So a woman who was sitting with us, walked up to him and said: Could you please say whats going on? And he was all: I DONT KNOW...THEY MADE ME GO HERE!! And blablabla He was all angry at the woman O__o..While he was the one who made the wrong turn GEEZ!
But I made it home hehehe..It was raining so bad tho D: I was all wet when I came home!
But the tickets for Dir en Grey made it all up for that! <3

Oct. 2nd, 2008

OMG O_____________O

hahahhaha DID I SERIOUSLY HEAR JUNSU SING I WANT YOU TO GET DOWN ON ME?!? First time I really heard him say that in Mirotic and I listened to that song so many times ahahahaha

First in Purple Line Yoochun said I really wanna touch myself and now this! how pervy XDDDDD

uuugggghhh -__-

You gota be kidding me...So I took over the pc from my ex..So I have a better PC now..but it wont let me sign in on msn....D: WTFajadhdgagd! This is annoying me sooooo much!

And its giving me lots of errors the whole time. I wanted to download iTunes again, but im getting a stupid error! And it wont let me download a new version os msn either D:

I hope my ex can come over again soon so he can help me with this crap! D:

My sound isnt even working..my loudspeakers will go on but theres no sound coming out like WTF! D:

Sep. 11th, 2008

aksjahsgadf! Is everyone else having problems with MSN? *kicks it* D: It wont let me sign on! Not fair!

But I heard more people had trouble with MSN...so hopefully its gonna be fixed soon!


May. 27th, 2008

Okay so I havent posted for a long time now...So its about time I did.

First of all:


And OMG I wanna go to Miyavi's concert~~ He is coming to Holland but its all sold out already DDDDD: *pouts*

And yesterday I first saw FT Island's Wonderful Outing with Super Nova (Cho Shin Sung) and OMG its sooooo funny~~ No subs tho which kinda sucks because if I know what they were saying it would be even more funnier! But yeah I still laughed A LOT!!!

Super Nova guys are really cute and dorky too and I found out that they all were in FT Island MV's =OOO

So there were like 12 vids! =O And in the first they needed to dance! And hahahah OMG seriously FT Island cant dance but its just extremely cute ^__^ Super Nova on the other hand..Wow great dancers..Except for Song Jihyuk hahaha his dance was really funny~~
Hongki was so embarrassed when he needed to dance hahah He kept hiding his face in his hands hahaha So silly and cute~~
And Jaejin's dance made me *ROFL* hahaha After his dance he ran back and hided behind Wonbin/desk what was standing in the room hahaha
Minhwan is soooo cute *pinches cheek*  I love his dance! And haha Wonbin was like OMG what to do? He was also so embarrassed.
They are all so cute!
And OMG Jung Yoonhak Super Nova's leader soooo looks like Lee Jun Ki O____________O

On to part 2..They needed to do a game with a shoe. They had to put the shoe between their legs and swing it away..And probably who got the shoe the fartest won!
Sungye looked the most promising but HE FELL ON HIS BUTT hahahaha It was hilarious..AAwww poor Sungye..he was embarassed and like O___O How could that happen???
And Jonghun's was really funny too! hahaa It looked like he was going to do good too but in the end the shoe just went *PLOP* on the ground  and was like the closest to the balck stripe they had to stand behind hahahha
And Jihyuk made a weird jump hahaha..*O*

Then they were doing a singing game...They heard a song real fast and they had to sing a line in turn. First they even got the first line wrong everytime so they got something on their head!  (im seriously thinking about the word for what they got on their heads but i cant come up with it O__o)
It went on for a few parts//I was like WHENwill they finally got it right...Finally FT Island got it right! yays they won! ^_____^ But Super Nova almost won hahah But Song Jihyuk screwed up at the end hahha they were like ajsakas!! D:  Poor guys, they were so close!

I love the Chibi chibi something game with the hammers hahah First it was Hongki vs Sungye XDD And Minhwan also arm wresthles with Yoonhak =O He is soo strong! Eventually yoonhak won but he had a hard time beating Minhwan! ^^; They were surprised.

On another note..I made Super Nova for the RPG! *FACEPALM*  6 new chars in 1 day..Actually I made them yesterday heheh BUT my internet failed on me so I couldnt make this hyperly overly exited fangirl post...
Im so hyper and bouncy these past few days! I blame Miyavi!! XDDDD

Okay time to stop now..

Jan. 7th, 2008

Most of you already know that my boyfried told me around Christmas time that we should take a break in our relationship.

It was really weird, altho I somehow saw it coming. My feeling said there was something wrong.

He called me just now. Talked about how we were doing and stuff. And then he started how I felt about this whole situation. And then we started talking about how we saw eachother..Like I mean do we see eachother as just friends or more then that.  And he said he didnt really know and I dont really know either.
And  then we both started crying ;__; because he told me Im his best friend. and he is afraif I will totally disappear out of his life if he really break up. And I told him I wasnt going to, because I know he doesnt have a lot of people who care for him.
It was really hard. I told him I will always be there for him even if were not in a realtionship. And I really mean it. I wanna stay friends if the relationship doesnt work.
I love him and he loves me, but sometimes relationships dont work and are we better of as friends. We dont know yet. We will see.
We will always stay friends no mather what.

We decided to do more things for ourselves and just build things up slowly again. Like he is going to Austrich to snowbord with a friend he met in fitness.

Anyway Friday we will go to the movies and then I will just go home. Normally I would go to his place and stay there for the weekend. It will be ok.

Somehow my hands cant stop shaking O_o Its so weird.

Ow and tomorrow I have a job interview at de Groene Passage. Which is a healthstore. So hopefully everything will go ok there too.

Dec. 24th, 2007

Just dropping by  to wish everybody a Merry Christmas!! And a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful New Year!!

Sorry for not being online that much to talk to you guys. I miss you guys T_T

Ugh and Im sick at the moment..lol I hope I'll be better tomorrow! And my boyfriend is acting weird..I think he wants to break up or something. But I wil not bore you guys with that now!

I will speak to you guys soon! Love you guys~ <333333